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Staphylococcus (staph) Screen Check test kits –Staph Test Kit


Identifies and Provides Concentration Levels of Staphylococcus

• Determines Staphylococcus, concentrations levels and provides them.

• Fast and Simple to Use

• Contains Molds and Contaminant Lab Analysis from AIHA-LAP, LLC Within 3 to 5 days, a PDF email is sent.

• Professionals Use the Same Samples

A genus of bacteria called Staphylococcus can infect different human tissues and result in a variety of disorders. The more popular name for Staphylococcus is Staph (pronounced "staff"). The severity of a staph infection can vary from moderate, requiring no treatment, to severe, possibly lethal.

The suspect samples can be collected using a kit provided by staphylococcus test kits for staphylococcus screening.

A final report will be delivered by the American Industrial Hygiene Society-Laboratory Accreditation Program (AIHA-LAP, LLC) accredited Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab).

Within 48 hours, an interim report is made available, and 14 days later, a comprehensive report. The words for quantitative outcomes are Colony Forming Unit (CFU). After completion, a thorough lab report is delivered.

Common Symptoms to look for:

 Abrupt development of a high temperature, nausea, diarrhoea, abscess, boil, and aches and pains.

Who Should Use Staph test kits (SSC) ?

· Building Maintenance Supervisors

· Test and Balance Professionals

· Real Estate Professionals

· Insurance Claim Adjusters

· Hospital Maintenance Engineers

· Physicians

· Occupational Health and Safety Professionals

· Facility Managers

· Homeowners

· Educators

· School and Plant Operators

· Industrial Hygienists

· HVAC Engineers




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