Airocide Reaction Chamber Replacement Filter Kits

Airocide air purifiers need very little maintenance. Just once every 12-15 months is all it takes to change out the reaction chamber, This is very quick and easy to do with Airocide's provided installation directions.


In some cases with heavy contamination, you may have to change out the reaction chamber it after 6 months. This is usually only in rare situations with high levels of

air contaminants.


Airocide reaction chamber replacement kits are a cost effective way to ensure that

your living environment is cleaner, healthier and safer for you and the people you care about.


Please make sure to order the correct reaction chamber kit as they will only work for the unit it is intented for. Send us an email if you need help verifying. 

You can also find the exact model you have by looking just near where the power cord

comes out of the air purifier. It will say "model" which will tell you the model.

You also have to look at the serial number. It will say "SN" followed by a series

of numbers. if there is a "PM2.5"(red in center) at the end of the serial number, that means that the unit you have is an APS-200PM2.5, not a standard APS-200 (orange in center).

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