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In these days of environmental pollutants, rampant over use of fossil fuels and an ever growing list of biological contaminants in the air, indoor air quality is more important than ever. Formerly regarded as necessary only for people with respiratory problems or allergies, high efficiency home air purifiers have come to the forefront as critical tools in alleviating respiratory malfunction and preventing disease. Among these and others, air purifiers for the home now serve a wide range of applications. 


Do you really need an air purifier?


More attention than ever before has been paid to air quality in recent years. Everyone is speculating about what we are breathing in due to COVID-19. But we need to be worried about more than just the virus particles. In our homes and places of employment, there are other sources of pollution that are sometimes hidden and challenging to identify.

Pollutants in Your Home and Workplace That Are Hidden

Everyday things like cleaning supplies, air fresheners, and cosmetics release hazardous VOCs and chemicals into the atmosphere. Additionally, various appliances, heating and cooling systems, carpeting, and furniture can leak pollutants into the air. Not to mention the poisons created by mold, crumbling plaster, and peeling paint in old buildings. And these are but a handful of the numerous hidden contaminants that can be found in residences and workplaces.


Pollution Effects Are Not Always Visible


The impacts of poor air quality may be obvious to persons who have respiratory conditions including COPD, asthma, or allergies. For many individuals, however, it is not always obvious whether environmental toxins have an effect on our health. We don't always link sleep problems, exhaustion, worry, weight gain, frequent headaches, or skin irritations to airborne pollutants. But that is conceivable.


That's where air purifiers come in


All air purifiers are designed to clean your homes air by removing particles that may be harmful. Not all air purifiers are created equal though. Certain air purifiers will only filter out certain sized particles leaving the smaller particles in your air. There are also other air cleaners that utilize different technologies to sanitize your air that don’t require filters like UV or Ionic air purifiers. What ever the concern with your air you can search our product navigation bar on top of the page and find the air purifier that is right for you.


A.M.I. Services is a leading provider of solutions for indoor air quality and water quality issues. We provide the best air purifiers for home, indoor air quality test kits, mold test kits, indoor air quality monitors, hard water treatment solutions, air filters, air cleaners, ionic air sanitizers along with helpful information about identifying and solving potential or ongoing indoor air quality problems.


A.M.I. Services is committed to our customers in providing what we feel are the best solutions in the industry. We will work constantly to improve our web site and add new and diverse products in the future. We not only back our products but we also use our products. A.M.I. Services has been performing indoor air quality testing and mold remediation for many years. We only use the products that work the best. We won't sell home air purifiers or air quality test kits unless it passes our strict standards in the field. Not all air purifiers are built the same. If it's on our web site you know it's a good product that works. Our air quality test kits and other testing kits are some of the best and easiest testing kits to use. 

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