Dylos DC1100-Pro-Emi Air Quality Monitor

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The Dylos DC1100 PRO EMI Air Quality Monitor is a diagnostic tool that provides you with the information critical to determining if your indoor air is healthy and safe for you and your family. Capable of detecting the number and size of particles from mold, smoke, bacteria, insect feces, plant spore and dust mites, the DC1100-PRO-EMI is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get a better handle on the quality of the air in their home, workshop, office or server room.

The DC1100 PRO EMI works better than other air quality sensors because it is a True Laser Particle Counter with real time readings that can respond fully to a change in particle levels within 6 seconds. As air particles pass through the laser light source, the unit measures the amount of light the particles scatter when passing through the detection area. Calibrated with lower sensitivities, the Dylos DC1100-PRO-EMI is able to detect particulate matter in 2 concentration thresholds; small particles (down to 0.5 micron) and large particles (2.5 microns and above).

The DC1100 PRO EMI air quality monitor is simple to use. Just install the device at a location and height in the room where you want to test the air quality. Then just plug it in and turn it on. Because the concentrations of particulate matter can vary significantly from one room to the next, it will be important to take more than one sampling. With the knowledge you gain from the DC1100-PRO-EMI, you’ll be able to take the steps necessary to improve your indoor air quality with either the purchase of an air purifier or an air cleaner. If you already have an Air Purifier, the DC1100 PRO EMI will let you know if it is doing the job it was meant to do in your home.

What makes the Dylos DC1100 PRO EMI air quality monitor/particle counter unique is the special feature for air purifier testing. With integrated electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding that prevents interference from the power supplies found in some air purifiers, the DC1100-PRO-EMI is able to take more accurate readings directly at an air purifier’s outlet vents. Note that the EMI shielding does give the DC1100-PRO-EMI a slightly different texture to the plastic enclosure.

The DC1100 PRO EMI particle counter comes with a number of other handy features as well. The Continuous mode displays the current levels of airborne particles, records the data for future analysis and a convenient bar graph shows the actual number and size of particles being detected. The Monitor mode takes a sampling of the ambient air for one minute every hour and the concentration thresholds are then displayed on the LDC screen. The Minute History mode allows you to see the data recorded over the past hour on a minute to minute basis. The Hour History mode lets you view the data recorded over the past day on an hour by hour basis. The Day History mode allows you to view the data recorded over the past month on a day by day basis. When interpreting the data, remember that the numbers are based on detected levels of airborne particles in .01 cubic foot of sampled air.

The DC1100 PRO EMI is nearly maintenance free. All you’ll need is a bit of canned compressed air once a month to dislodge any dust and dirt that has accumulated in the openings on the back of the device. Dylos offers a 90 day limited warranty on material defects and workmanship. At their discretion, Dylos will either repair or replace the DC1100-PRO-EMI unit within the warranty period.

At A Glance:

LCD screen

EMI Shielding

110 AC Adaptor included

Continuous Mode

Monitor Mode

Minute/Hour/Day History Mode

90 day limited warranty

Color: Black

FCC compliant

FDA compliant


Height: 7 in.

Width: 4.5 in.

Depth: 3 in.

Weight: 2.5-lbs.

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Warranty Information

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