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Product Overview

The Eco Sensor C-21 VOC detector is a solid state gas monitor that is able to detect a variety of volatile organic compounds, including, acetone, benzene, formaldehyde and toluene.

The C-21 VOC detector can detect most solvent-based VOCs with a range of 50-100ppm, making it perfect for paint shops, dry cleaners, woodworkers, auto repair shops, and other indoor air quality monitoring applications. The Eco Sensor C-21 continuously scans the workplace for leaks and poor air quality in order to find them before they pose a health risk. At the first indication of high levels of VOCs, usually 50 ppm, an 80 dB buzzer will sound. The Eco Sensor C-21 is movable and may be wall mounted or attached to any metal cabinet or piece of equipment using its magnetic backing. With a straightforward bar graph display, it is simple to use and comprehend. Additionally, the Eco Sensor C-21 VOC meter comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing flaws.

At A Glance:

Built-in rechargeable battery

AC adapter

Constantly monitors your workplace environment. Identifies air quality problems and leaks before they become a health threat. Alarms for the majority of common solvent-based VOCs below OSHA TLV.
No installation required. Simple to use and comprehend for non-technical staff.


Highly sensitive to VOCs and solvent fumes. A vivid green-yellow-red display makes it obvious what level of gas or vapor is hazardous.
detects down to levels required by OSHA, the EPA, and other regulations...
usually at low ppm levels.
Has a rechargeable battery that may be used on the go to track leaks.
robust design with lots of safety features.


Range: Full scale for the majority of solvent-based VOCs is 50–100 ppm.
Green indicates a typical bar graph. Caution in color. Red indicates a dangerous situation.
Response time: Shortly after the VOC gas enters the sensor.
HMOS (hot metal oxide semiconductor) sensor is the basis for measurement.
Dimensions: 3.25 x 1.375 x 2.375 in
weight: 140 grams  (5 oz).
Power requirements:  300 mA at 12 VDC. Worldwide availability of AC adapters.
Battery: Self-contained NiCad or NiMH battery. about a two-hour capacity. overnight AC adapter recharge.

Warranty Information

1 year limited warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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