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Product Overview

Organic Vapor (VOC) Test Kit- A Groundbreaking Method for Determining Indoor Air Contaminants (VOCs).


• Utilizes a Bio-Badge to identify volatile organic compounds and provide concentration levels for them.

• Measures more than 50 substances, such as Benzene, Toluene, Acetone, Mineral Spirits, Hexane, and Styrene.

• Fast and Simple to Use (See Description Below)

• Contains 1 Sample Collection Device for Room Exposure or Personal Exposure Measurement

• Includes VOC Lab Analysis from an AIHA Accredited Laboratory, Emailed in PDF Format in 7–10 Days

• Professionals Use the Same Samples

This kit can be used to assess the chemical substances in residential settings as well as in public spaces including hospitals, schools, hotels, and airports.

A final report from the American Industrial Hygiene Association-accredited Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDL) is included in the price of the Organic Vapor Screen Check Kit.

Parts per million (ppm) measurements of VOC concentrations are used to compare them to acceptable values. For a 24-hour test, all substances can be found at concentrations as low as 0.03 parts per million (ppm).

Your lab result will be created and provided to you within 7 to 10 business days after EDLab receives the Bio-Badge sample for analysis.

The home or office may contain a variety of organic substances, some of which may be harmful or hazardous. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are the name given to certain of these substances. Commonplace things like paints and coatings, cleaning supplies, and even vertical blinds can contain VOCs. Up to 70 different compounds that might be present indoors can be found with the Organic Vapor Screen Check.

Nearly all of the typical vapors that are present in indoor air are included in this. The Organic Vapor Screen Check makes use of the Bio-Badge, a simple-to-use gadget, to locate and measure the concentration levels of VOCs at a particular test area. By gathering air samples over a 24-48-hour period from an area up to 2800 square feet, this device can absorb VOC particulates (particles) (preferred sampling time is 24 hours).

Common Symptoms to look for:

headaches, lightheadedness, exhaustion, skin, eye, nose, and throat irritation, etc.

Who Should Use Organic Vapor (VOC) Test Kit (OVSC) ?

· Building Maintenance Supervisors

· Test and Balance Professionals

· Real Estate Professionals

· Insurance Claim Adjusters

· Hospital Maintenance Engineers

· Physicians

· Occupational Health and Safety Professionals

· Facility Managers

· Homeowners

· Educators

· School and Plant Operators

· Industrial Hygienists

· HVAC Engineers


This test will identify the concentration of each of any known Volitile organic compounds (VOC'S)



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