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Product Overview

A Cutting-Edge Indoor Air Quality Test That Identifies Indoor Air Contaminants is the Fungi Test Kit from A.M.I. Services.

• Fast and Simple to Use (easy to follow instructions included)

• Identifies and provides fungi concentration levels.

• Contains sample collection equipment for a single surface sampling site.

• Comes with an AIHA-accredited lab analysis of fungi that is emailed in PDF format in 10–14 days.

• Professionals Use the Same Samples.

Molds are a type of fungi. They develop in a natural setting. Mold spores are minute particles that are present in both indoor and outdoor air. Molds can be seen growing on soil, food, plants, and other things in nature where they aid in the decomposition of dead materials. Mold is a problem that plagues both houses and structures. To grow, mold needs moisture. Mold can grow indoors in places with high humidity levels, such as basements and showers.

Molds produce tiny cells known as "spores," which are easily transmitted through the air. Insects and water both have the ability to disperse spores. Live spores behave like seeds, creating new mold colonies when the correct circumstances are present. It could seriously harm building inhabitants' health and hygiene. By using a swab culture approach, Fungal Culture Screen Check gives the necessary equipment to help with fungi identification and concentration levels (Bio- Vial).

A final report will be delivered by the American Industrial Hygiene Society (AIHA) accredited Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab). Colony Forming Units (CFU) are used to measure the concentration of fungi and compare it to the range that is regarded as normal.

Your lab result will be produced and sent to you via email in 10 to 14 days following the receipt of the Bio-Vial sample by EDLab for analysis.

Common Symptoms to look for:

wheezing, skin rashes, stinging, watery, or inflamed eyes, hay fever-like symptoms, shortness of breath, headaches, nasal and sinus discomfort or congestion

Who Should Use Fungi Test Kit (FCSC)?

• Building Maintenance Supervisors

• Test and Balance Professionals

• Real Estate Professionals

• Insurance Claim Adjusters

• Physicians

• Occupational Health and Safety Professionals

• Homeowners

• Educators

• School and Plant Operators

• Industrial Hygienists

• Engineers



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