Scaleblaster SB-MAX Pro Series Electronic Water Conditioner

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Scaleblaster SB-MAX Pro Series Electronic Water Conditioner

* Solves your limescale issues without the use of salt

* Works with Copper, PVC, CPVC and PEX pipes

* Indoor use only

* For use in homes/offices under 5,000 sq. ft.

* Maintenance Free

* Eco-Friendly

* For Water hardness up to 684 ppm, or 40 grains per gallon

* Ten Year Guarantee!


Made of sturdy, heavy-duty metal, our "professional" quality model
Functions with PEX, CPVC, PVC, and copper pipes. What about galvanized pipe?

All ScaleBlaster devices are compatible with galvanized pipe; however, a magnetic surface, such as galvanized, cannot be used to wrap the signal line. A 6 to 8" section of pipe needs to be replaced with copper or PVC pipe by a handyman or plumber. This is not a challenging task. The unit will function properly if the remaining pipe downstream is left galvanized. Our sole issue is the location of the coil wrap.

Installations solely indoors or under cover; why would I need to install outside?

Installing the unit on the main cold water pipe entering the house is the best option. It should go after the shut-off valve and before the hot water tank, where the water splits off. At least 12" of straight pipe is required in this area in order to wrap the signal cable.


For Residences under 5,000 square feet 

Greater than 5,000 square feet - If the house is larger than 5,000 square feet or has more than one water heater, another unit should be added. For further information, get in touch with us.

Water hardness up to 40 ppm, or 40 grains per gallon, ~ Why is this relevant?

To choose the right model, it is crucial to understand the degree of calcium hardness.

Municipal water: By getting in touch with your city or country's water authority or visiting their website, you may quickly find out the calcium hardness level. All pool supply retailers carry standard calcium hardness test kits that will provide you with a reliable reading. They can take care of this quick and easy exam for you.

Well water should be checked using a calcium hardness test kit or at a pool supply store because it is typically harder than city water. If you are not able to accomplish it, we advise getting the SB-Elite or SB-MAX PRO.

Ten-year guarantee
UL and CUL identified


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Warranty Information

10 year warranty!
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