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Lead Test Kit

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Lead Test Kit from A.M.I. Services


• Simple to use

• Instantaneous outcomes

• If it's RED, there's LEAD

• Comes with a set of eight (8) tests

Only the LeadCheck® brand of DIY lead test kit is currently the only one recognized by the EPA.

You may quickly assess if lead-safe procedures are required with the aid of LeadCheck®. LEADCHECK® Swabs are simple to use, non-toxic, and disposable. They can be used on any surface and will turn pink right away if lead is present. Anywhere in the world, the full test procedure can be finished in 30 seconds.

Test kit for leadCheck® Swabs offer a quick, accurate, and precise test for leachable lead on any surface and are completely safe. Depending on the concentration of lead present, LeadCheck® Swabs and/or the surface being tested color pink or crimson upon contact when lead is identified. Results are produced in the great majority of test circumstances in less than 30 seconds.

It may take longer for findings to appear when lead chromate or low amounts of lead are being detected. In order to validate the specific test results, each kit includes test confirmation cards.

Who Should Use LeadCheck Lead test kits (LC)?

· Building Maintenance Supervisors

· Test and Balance Professionals

· Real Estate Professionals

· Insurance Claim Adjusters

· Hospital Maintenance Engineers

· Physicians

· Occupational Health and Safety Professionals

· Homeowners

· Facility Managers

· School and Plant Operators

· Industrial Hygienists

· HVAC Engineers

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