Carbon Monoxide & Air Quality Monitor


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Product Overview

The sparrow carbon monoxide monitor is for CO safety and analysis of your indoor air quality. It is connected to your smart phone through the Sparrow app. The Sparrow and the Sparrow app work in real-time to monitor CO levels in addition to low-level and high-level air quality warnings.

The Sparrow carbon monoxide monitor is a CO and air quality monitor that works with your cell phone to keep you informed of the quality of your indoor air.

Sparrow Key Features:

Highly accurate SPEC SensorsTM carbon monoxide sensor

Monitor both high and low levels of CO in real-time

Multi-colored LED and audible buzzer

Small size with rechargeable battery

Compatible with the Otterbox uniVERSE case system

Sparrow App Key Features:

Custom warning levels

Intuitive color-coded CO level and TWA display

Regional air quality data from (US only)

Data tracking features for air quality analysis

A smart phone-connected carbon monoxide detector called SPARROW is used for CO safety and air quality monitoring. Together, SPARROW and the SPARROW app track CO in real-time and issue high-level safety alerts as well as low-level air quality warnings.

Real-time monitoring of CO levels, both high and low
Small in size and battery-operated
LEDs with various colors and an audible buzzer
High-precision carbon monoxide sensor from SPEC SensorsTM
Otterbox uniVERSE case system-compatible

Simple color-coding of the CO level and the TWA display
individual warning levels
Information about local air quality from (US only)
Features for tracking data to analyze air quality

CO levels are plotted, along with exposure over time.
Place both high-level CO events and low-level CO events on a map.
Download CO data for additional research.
When extremely high CO levels are detected, the SPARROW app, based on the user's personalized preset, will send an SMS alert to an emergency contact. (This function is available when using a wireless data connection with the SPARROW app.)


Stay Safe with SPARROW

An odorless gas called carbon monoxide claims thousands of lives each year. It is hazardous at high concentrations, and prolonged exposure at low concentrations can have detrimental consequences on one's health. People who are sensitive are particularly vulnerable to the effects of carbon monoxide.

In order to protect worker safety, agencies like OSHA and NIOSH regulate a number of gases, including carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide alarms are used in industrial environments, however low-level CO protection may not be monitored.


Measures Temp, RH, and CO
LEDs with various colors and an audible buzzer
Size: 1 x 2 inches
portable battery
designed to fit the Otterbox UniVERSE case system
High-precision, gas-specific carbon monoxide sensor from SPEC SensorsTM

Simple color-coding of the CO level and the TWA display
individual warning levels
Texting function for emergencies
Information on local air quality from (US only)
Street-level navigation
exposure monitoring with a visible graph for data exchange and analysis.


Warranty Information

1 year warranty

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